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iProblem.pdf, by Gustavo Beck

Gustavo Beck is a practicing psychotherapist in Mexico City, Mexico. He is currently a PhD candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and has translated several archetypal psychology books from English into Spanish. 

The soul and mystery of after death transition to the mythological nucleus- or the symbolic language of the soul after death, by Diego Pignatelli Spinazzola

Diego Pignatelli Spinazzola is a freelance journalist living in Italy who specializes in the elucidation of exceptional mental states.  His recent book Primordial Psyche: A Reliving of the Soul of Ancestors (Bloomington, Indiana: 1 Universe, 2011) collects articles he has written that draw upon Jungian and Transpersonal analytic insights to make sense of the individual psyche’s evident need to relate itself to the World Soul. 

Quantum Physics Spirituality, by Alejandro Christian Luna

Alejandro Christian Luna is an Argentine astrologer graduated from Casa XI College. He is also a researcher in Transpersonal Psychology and archetypes, trained in Psychosynthesis.

The Eco-Gastronomic Mirror: Narcissism and Death at the Dinner Table, by Jordan Shapiro

Read here about Jordan Shapiro. Through food we both literally and metaphorically consume wilderness and digest the planet. Our diet is the environment. We feed on plants and animals, and thus our relationship to flora and fauna is evident in our culinary trends and methods. It is a narcissistic relationship in which humans nail the natural other to the wall like a full-length mirror. When we look at the image reflected back—on our platter and buffets, in our ingredients and recipes—we see our complex link to nature, to death, and to the terra firma that will eventually hold our decomposing bodies.

On the Day, by Marcus Quintaes

Por que nao se deitar cornigo por um tempo, by Marcus Quintaes

Marcus Quintaes is an Archetypal Psychologist presently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been dedicating himself to the study of the works of James Hillman and the main collaborators of Archetypal Psychology for the last 20 years. He has been trying to disseminate Hillman’s ideas to the Brazilian Jungian community, and to coordinate seminars on Archetypal Psychology and Post-Jungian thought in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. His two above texts attempt to illustrate the specific way the archetypal psychology works with the images within the clinical context and theorize its difference from other therapeutic practices.