Journal Issues

The Journal of Archetypal Studies is an annual peer-reviewed publication. The Journal of Archetypal Studies encourages the submission of articles that utilize interdisciplinary methodologies. Each issue is a call for images evoked by an organizing conceptual theme. These images must engage with contemporary phenomena, such as political events, films, music, fashion, religion, spirituality, activisim, therapeutic practices, ecology, gender studies, and so on.

We welcome you to submit works that are scholarly, personal, arts-based, critical, historical, or theoretical. 

Paper Proposals

In response to calls for papers, a 500 word abstract that conveys your methodological approach to the image(s) and phenomena you feel called to write on must be submitted in addition to a developed paper of 4,000 to 10,000 words. All articles must speak to the theme of the issue in some way. Don't hesistate to inquire about different length and format requirements for arts-based projects. 

Review of Submissions

Once your project has been accepted and submitted, it will undergo a first review by the Journal editors and by the Committee of Advisors. Once a final selection is made, authors will have time to work with first review feedback and make revisions. Second drafts will undergo a peer-review process with fellow contributors.


Journal Books

Submissions guidelines may vary with each book project. Details will be available at the appropriate times.

Format of Submissions

All submissions should be sent in one of the following types of files: .rtx, .doc, .docx. Any .pdf files that are submitted will be returned to the author and asked to convert the file to one of the three appropriate types of files.

Submitted articles may range between 3-24 pages using 1” margins, double space, and 12 point Times New Romans font.  

Follow the Chicago Manual of Style in citation of sources. Do not use parenthetical citations in the text of the article. All citations must appear in endnote format, with superscript numbers in the text to indicate the endnotes. Do not use footnotes. Use your word processing program's endnote feature to create the endnotes rather than creating them manually. Use the word "Notes" as the heading for your endnotes section.

The following format should be used for all references in the endnotes:

James Hillman, Re-Visioning Psychology (New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1975), 220-243.

Please send your submissions as an attachment to

Library Submissions

The Library at The Journal of Archetypal Studies is simply that, a library. Hence, all contributors to the library should assume that their essays will be accessible to anyone free of charge. The purpose of Library is to provide a space for facilitating conversations through the sharing of documents. 

Like the above guidance for Journal Issues, we encourage a diversity of practices that engage contemporary phenomena and push, deepen, break, and extend the archetypal lens. There is no preferred style for citation in Library submissions. All submissions must be submitted in a .rtx, .doc, or .docx file. In the body of your submission email, please include a brief (2-5 sentences) synopsis of the piece as well as a sentence or two of biographical information. Please indicate whether or not you would like interested readers to contact you to discuss your paper and we will include your email address in your library posting accordingly.

The author of each essay maintains the rights to their given contribution. The Journal of Archetypal Studies is merely providing the space and platform for you to share thoughts. Thus, the essays contained in the Library do not necessary reflect the views and opinions of Contributors to The Journal of Archetypal Studies’ issues.  

Please send submissions as an attachment to