Contributors to Journal Issues

Gustavo Beck, Preface

Satya Doyle Bock, Trusting the Personal Truth: Maintaining the Ability to See Differently to "Save the World" and Save Ourselves

Christopher Green, Please be Kind, Don't Re-Vise:—or, A Case for Fundamentalism

Stephen Jones, The Medicine We Carry: Tending the Archetypal Needs of the Dying

Michelle Kurta, Educare: Renewing Unknowing

Eugenio Ordóñez, Psychologies of Liberation, or Liberation from Psychology?

Roxanne Partridge, Vulva Nose: An Autoethnopoetic Process with the Gateway to the Unconscious

Marcus Quintaes, When it All Makes Sense: The Failure of Himma and the Victory of the Sign of Paranoia

Safron Rossi, Invocation: Orphic Hymn to the Charities ~ Graces

Jordan Shapiro, When We Can't See the Wall Paint: Coming Home to the Precision of Ubiquity

S. Asher Sund, Thoughts on Bereshit: An (Un)intentional Midrash

Andrés Ocazionez Trujillo, The Antioquenian Candidate: A Reflection on Cano's Horizontes, Candidacy, and the Image of the Antioquenian Man